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Chevrolet New Roads Magazine

Editorial Illustrations

Various illustrations featured in magazines
2012 — 2020

Car and Driver 

Outdoor Life

Golf Magazine - Gear Guys - 2018

Technical Drawings for Golf Magazine

New Trail Magazine - University of Alberta

Sketch style illustration over retouched photograph

Harvard Business Review - 2017

Editorial techical drawings of virtual reality devices

Car and Driver - 2017

Technical line art for automotive magazines

Popular Science

Monthy freelance illustration assignment

Popular Mechanics

Editorial technical art for Popular Mechanics

Outdoor Life

Magazine Illustration work

Scientific American Mind

Scientific technical illustrations

Men’s Health

Illustrations for health and technology

The New York Times

The Atlantic


Vector editorial illustration work

Patagonia Technical Illustrations

Product and Instructional illustrations
2013 — 2017

Catalog Illustrations to explain the technical aspects of Patagonia sleeping bags

Expedition Kit 

Instructional Illustrations for a backcountry sewing kit

Hang Tags

Pack illustrations for consumer hangtags

Patagonia went through a refresh of all product hang tags and I have been thrilled to create hundreds of illustrations for their products.
This is just a small sample as most of the products are not on the market yet.

The illustration below was used to show the fit difference between mens and womens packs.

Product Illustration Work

Detailed technical renderings that help communicate product features and benefits.
2010 — 2020

Game Ready


Milliken Flooring


Illustrations for the Rogue Robot

Tweddle Group

Automotive News Ads - 2018

Viconic Defense

Freelance technical product illustration


Realistic product technical drawings


Technical drawings for the footwear industry


Technical product illustrations to show features and benefits such as moisture wicking, evaporation, light reflection and breathability.


How a 3 stage snowblower works for Lowes



Artificial turf technical illustration.

Carhartt Catalog Illustrations

Illustrations to explain features and benefits of Carhartt products
2014 — 2015

Catalog Technical Illustrations to explain the benefits of Carhartt Products.

Full Swing products

Callout Illustrations to show moisture wicking, breathability, airflow, stretch and stain and water resistance.

The illustration above was used to show the fit difference between mens and womens packs.

Ford Illustration - Freelance Technical Illustrator
Illustrator for instructions and technical product illustrations
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